reverse mortgages

Reverse Mortgages

How They Work and Who's a Good Candidate

Reverse mortgages help qualifying seniors convert home equity into cash—money that can be used to supplement your day-to-day retirement budget, or held in reserve for future expenses. While reverse mortgages aren’t the best option for everyone, they are helping more and more families each year—especially as certain misconceptions fade away.

Harbor Mortgage Solutions is dedicated to educating Massachusetts and Rhode Island seniors about today’s reverse mortgage options, and to facilitating solutions that suit families’ individual needs. Learn more about the reverse mortgage process and how we help via the links below.

  1. Types of Reverse Mortgages
  2. How They Work
  3. Eligibility Requirements
  4. Navigating the Process
  5. Common Misconceptions

Find Out If a Reverse Mortgage is Right For You

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